Wednesday, February 28, 2007

catchup overdue

I was not sure if people would continue to review this blog so it has been sorely neglected, if you are still checking up occasionally I am sorry for my lack of attention. her is an update of what has been going on.
'Spun', a new work for the redeveloped Southbank Institute managed to consume what part of last year 'when the stars come out' didn't

About 26 tonnes of concrete and steel, originally to be in two parts on two sides on Earnest Street in Southbank, 12 months of budget negotiations, numerous reworkings and re drawings, and many restless night have bought this work to this point. at 27m x 14m x 5m it is without a doubt the largest work I have ever undertaken and most likely the largest I will ever undertake. Production should begin in the next few days, the work is due to be installed late May 2007