Sunday, July 22, 2007


A sneak peek at some work for 'Still Moving', September 2007 at Andrew Baker Art Dealer 26 Brookes Street Bowen Hills. Three of the works from this show will then go on to the ARC Biennial at QUT Art Museum, Gardens Point (don't know which yet) opening in early October.

as yet untitled, 2007, stainless steel wleded mesh, 95 x 56 x 63cm (approx.)

Imperfect Pattern XLI, 2007, matt board, 43 x 32x 6cm

At work on a cold Saturday morning, in my very warm ugg (woops the americans own ugg, and all dirivatives) boots (thank you Leonard).


Work is starting to progress again now that the steel has arrived from melbourne, there are 194 panels that need to be folded, welded and galvanised, RPM are hard at work to get everything done by next Friday.

This is about 1/6 of the total, they are awaiting their trip to the galvanisers.

Monday, July 09, 2007

delay, delay delay

appologies that I have not updated the blog, things are not exactly going to plan at the moment. The concrete component is complete but the steel fin has been delayed causing all manner of headaches, the work will be complete in due time and it will be magnificent but until such time i will just have to wait.